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About Kathy

Don’t be surprised if you look up the definition of “homegrown,” and Kathy Thatcher’s photo is part of the description.

Ms. Thatcher has served on the Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) Board of Directors for 24 years, attaining every office except treasurer, and representing the utility on other statewide boards.

That’s not what makes Ms. Thatcher “homegrown,” however.

Kathy was born and raised in the Willcox area, growing up on her parents’ ranch about seven miles out of town and staying in the community through good times and bad. Her first job was as a car hop at the local A&W restaurant while in high school. Her childhood was spent with neighboring friends and classmates who came out to enjoy summer days at the ranch.

As a child, Kathy remembers making lemonade for SSVEC linemen who erected the first poles to extend electricity to her parents’ home. She later worked as a radio dispatcher for SSVEC, and several of the crew who brought service to her home, were still working at the Cooperative.

After she was appointed to the board in 1999, to fill a vacancy created following the passing of her husband, Kathy quickly developed a passion for public service.

“I have always had an appreciation for SSVEC and enjoy serving the members of our community,” she said.

Ms. Thatcher represents District 1 on the Board of Directors, which includes members in Willcox, Bowie and San Simon.

“I appreciate that we keep our rates affordable and have outreach programs like Operation Round Up to help members who are struggling.”