Each year, after all expenses are paid, the margins (profits earned after expenses) are divided among the members of the cooperative. The margins are assigned to each member’s account based on the amount of electricity purchased during the year and the amount of revenue generated by consumer category.

As the financial condition of the cooperative allows, these margins are paid to members in the form of a check or a credit on the next bill.

In the meantime, this money is invested in your cooperative—lines, poles and equipment—to hold down electric rates and assure that your electric service is modern and up to date.

This is the cooperative way of doing business that SSVEC has followed for more than 80 years.

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Unclaimed Patronage Capital Credits

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative is looking for members from 1994, 1995, and/or 2020 with unclaimed capital credit refunds. A full list of names and refund claim form are listed on the left.

Deadline to submit a claim is August 10, 2022, at which time, active member credits will be applied to their August/September bill. Unclaimed capital credits for inactive members will be transferred to the Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative Foundation.