Rebate Programs

At Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) we are concerned with our environment, and we value our members. We don’t mind if you buy less energy and are offering rebates to help save you money and keep you comfortable!

Hot Water Heater Rebate

  • $100 Rebate – Electric Storage Water Heater with a .93+ Uniform Energy Factor (UEF).

    Note: Instantaneous (Tankless) units do not qualify.

Just download the rebate form that you need, attach a copy of your receipt/invoice, and email those to within 60 days of installation or mail/drop off the information to your local SSVEC office. Processing time is normally about three weeks.

Heat Pump Rebates

  1. $500 - All-electric package heat pump (must have a 14.3 SEER2/6.7 HSPF2 minimum rating)
  2. $500 - All-electric split system heat pump (must have a 15.2 SEER2/7.5 HSPF2 minimum rating)
  3. $500 - All-electric ductless heat pump (minimum 2 tons and must have a 15.2 SEER2/7.5 HSPF2 minimum rating) or...
  4. $200 - Dual Fuel installation (an electric heat pump with 15.2 SEER2/7.5 HSPF2 minimum paired with a gas furnace with minimum 81% efficiency). The outside thermistor must be set at 30 degrees with a contractor’s signature verifying that.

Need More Help?

Federal Incentives

You may even be able to claim a tax credit for some of the costs of buying and installing a heat pump, heat pump water heater, and/or solar water heater. Visit:

Free Energy Audits

Email or call (520) 515-3497.