Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative offers several programs. Click below each for more information.

Avian Nesting Program

SSVEC has been part of a voluntary federal program, since 2003 (through U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services), which tracks power related avian injuries and fatalities...

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Co-Op Connection Card

In January 2012, Sulphur Springs Valley Electric started mailing each member a free Co-op Connections Card! This Card provides discounts, special offers, and benefits to...

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Electrical Safety

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) has a strong commitment to your safety. Highlighting our strong commitment to safe use of electricity by our members...

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Energy Efficiency

As the cost of energy goes up, more and more people are looking for ways to manage their energy use and reduce costs ....

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Loan Programs

The Energy Efficiency Loan program was started to help co-op members upgrade older homes that need to be brought up...

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Operation Roundup

As an SSVEC member, you now have the opportunity to help individuals and organizations in our communities through...

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Rebate Programs

To reward members who conserve our valuable resources and energy, SSVEC offers a cash rebate for the purchase and...

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Renewable Energy

SSVEC collects a Renewable Energy Surcharge from each of its customers based on their kWh usage and with a max...

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Surge Protection

More than 50% of today’s residential products contain electronic components and the list is growing ...

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Youth Programs

The SSVEC Foundation strongly believes that our children are our future. Our three flagship Youth Programs are designed to encourage and enable our youth to excel in today’s world and face its never-ending challenges.


Washington Youth Tour

Since 1981 Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative has sponsored six high school juniors on all-expense-paid trips to Washington, DC ...

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SSVEC Scholarship Fund

The Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative Foundation will present thirty $3,000 scholar-ships to graduating seniors in the cooperative’s...

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YES Fair

Students in grades 5 through 12 in SSVEC’s service area and schools in Bisbee, Douglas, Nogales, and Tombstone, are eligible to compete at the YES ...

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