Board Election Information


There are currently ten board members of SSVEC. SSVEC is currently divided into ten different Districts with each board member elected by the members of SSVEC who reside in that District. A board member serves a three-year term. An election is held every year in April for the board members whose term has expired. Whenever there is an election to select one of these board members, all the members receive an official ballot listing the people who are running for that seat. A natural person votes in the district in which they reside. A business member, whether sole proprietors, corporations, associations, partnerships, LLCs or other business entity votes in the District which they have designated when they became a member of SSVEC. Each member is entitled to one vote. You will be sent notice that the election is occurring and the date of the election, no later than 75 days prior to the election date. Voting is currently done by mail and votes are counted by members whose district is not up for election.


While serving on the SSVEC Board is an important and time-consuming task, we encourage all our members to seriously consider running. When an election is to be held in your District, the current Board of Directors will appoint a nominating committee consisting of your neighbors to accept applications and to interview possible candidates for the Board. The nominating committee is to review the applicants and nominate qualified people to run in the election.

If you are not nominated by the committee, you can still run for the Board by obtaining a Nomination Petition and getting the signature of 50 members residing in your district and submitting the Petition by the deadline.

All nominated people, whether by committee or petition, appear on the ballot, which is sent out to SSVEC members residing in the District. A Credentials and Election committee will count the ballots on the day prior to the annual meeting. All members are welcome to view the counting of the ballots. A candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared the officially elected director of the district. Should two or more candidates tie in the largest number of votes received for an available term of director from a district, the tie shall be resolved by the method as determined by the credentials and election committee and conducted by the credentials and election committee.